About us - Terracota

Why did we build Bitwyre?

We tried our best to find cryptocurrency exchanges that are tailored to quantitative trading strategies and also high-frequency trading but we could not find any. So we decided to build one. We also realize that the crypto ecosystem could florish under the rapid development in electronic trading that has happened since the Island days.

Electronic Trading Inspiration

This electronic exchange venue is built as a dedication to electronic trading that has been inspired by Joshua Levine and Jeff Citron, the founders of Island ECN. If you are reading this Joshua or Jeff, don't hesitate to give us a call. Drinks would be forever free for you two in Jakarta.

Our Team

The people behind Bitwyre are crypto enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds in Finance, Computer Science, and Economics – We’re quite a diverse group of tinkerers that are dedicated to making the best quantitative trading experience.

Why cryptocurrencies?

We passionately believe that cryptocurrencies are in fact money, that has not just a store of value, but also a medium of exchange. Instead of seeing it as speculative asset, we preferably transact in any cryptocurrency available. All of our employees and contractors are paid in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Credit, Bonds and Derivatives

There's an exciting development that has never happened before, the invention of crypto credit/loans/bonds. First stated in the decentralized markets, our team has invented a way to build multiple tranches of crypto credit and trading it on our centralized and decentralized trading markets.

Censorship Resistant While Also Regulatory Compliant

We believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The currency cryptocurrency technology gives complete control of wealth to the person who owns the private key. This is a powerful tool. Not quite much in oppresive regimes. To help dissidents, journalists and human rights activists, you now can access Terracota via the Tor network at http://bitwyredwnvphpmsvd4lc4456q6gwtzz7uzksjcpyuoo4w34x6xxqoid.onion We DO NOT TOLERATE any acts of money laundering and criminal enterprises, we also conduct KYC/AML checks and also compliant to financial regulations.